Repeat points--Should I make them multipoints?

Discussion created by lamyron on Jul 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2013 by mdenil

I'm creating a geodatabase in ArcMap 10.1 to manage a GPS quality control assessment.  We have a Trimble R10 GPS and we're trying to assess variations in the data over time and under different conditions.  Every few weeks I collect GPS data at the same landmarks on campus.  I've been compiling this data in a geodatabase for both future statistical analysis and mapmaking endeavors.

My question is, how do I best display / compile data from the same landmark on different days?  Right now I have individual points for each data collection that are essentially stacked on top of each other.  Should I create multipoints for each landmark?  Any better ideas?  I'm relatively new to GIS and I've never created multipoint features; any instruction on how to do so would be much appreciated.