Data Out Of Date: Where does ESRI get data for Basemaps

Discussion created by kreuzrsk on Jul 8, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2017 by mstull
We are using both the Topography and Street basemaps from ESRI in our AGO maps all of which are Washington State centric.  One of our users noticed that both of these maps show outlines and labels for state parks that have not existed for over ten years.  The same user has asked that we drop both maps from our webapps so we don't confuse our users. 

To verify I compared the ESRI data shipped with version 10.0 against the latest version of parks data from WA State Parks.  The GIS layers that ESRI ships matches their Topography and Street basemaps which are consistent but WAY out of date.  Does anyone know where ESRI gets its state data for the US?  Is there any way we can get ESRI to use recent data, from the source, in place of the out of date and erroneous data found in their maps?  (To be fair google maps shows the same erroneous data.)