Rainfall interpolation with the time series.

Discussion created by soleil.oriental.85 on Jul 8, 2013
Dear all,
My name's Vo Ngoc Duong, i'm a PhD student  at Nice Sophia Antipolis, France on hydrology. Now I have a problem about the input data into the model.
I use the Mike she, and Mike flood for a catchment in central region of Vietnam. On my study area, there are 15 stations, each the station has a daily rainfall time series  for ten years. Currently, I apply the theinsen polygon methods for distributing the rainfall, but this method has several restrictions so I want to apply others methods like idw, kriging method ... to interpolate the rainfall and compare the difference between them, but the problem is the data is very long, ten years ( more 3650 day) so it is difficult to do manually, ( interpolate in Arcgis, or mike zero...and then input to mike she, mike flood) so I would like to ask you there are any methods to do automatically this process please?
I tried  to do it on arcgis, and mike zero also, but it is very slow. If you know some solutions, please give me some instructions that can help me to improve my problem,
Thank you for help.
Best regards.