Drag/Move Polygon and continously access the new coordinates

Discussion created by x4thwd on Jul 7, 2013

I want to drag/rotate/move.. a polygon on the screen and want to update every 500 milliseconds a value on the screen depending on the new coordinates of the polygon. Unfortunately i always have the same coordinates till i release the polygon.
I am using e.g. the listener "onGraphicMove" but have issues to access the coordinates. They stay the hole time the same:

dojo.connect(editToolbar, "onGraphicMove", lOnGraphicMove, lOnGraphicMoveTransform);

function lOnGraphicMove()
    //var coords = this._graphic.geometry.rings[0];                    // always the same (original)
    //var coords = this._graphicMover.graphic.geometry.rings[0]; // always the same (original)

function lOnGraphicMoveTranform()
    ... // now idea what i can do here?

So how do i get the new values (x and y coordinates) of a polygon which i am right now moving?