From an ArcSDE Geodatabase create a feature class

Discussion created by amgarcia on Jul 5, 2013

I had this posted in the ArcSDE section and it was mentioned to post here for a possible solution:

I have an ArcSDE 10.1 Geodatabase and within ArcCatalog I can create a feature class and load the data from the SQL 2008 table, the problem is when I drag and drop the layer into ArcMap 10.1 data view display, no points show.  I have an XY column created in SQL 2008 table, yet no points are showing.  I know I can use the XY display and export to feature class, but then I loose my ability to have a dynamic connection when I publish it as a feature service and consume it in one of ESRIs web applications.

If I add another record to my SQL database that point will be displayed dynamically, like using the Add Query Layer tool?

As you know one is not able to register the source information if using the Add query layer with ArcGIS Server, unless it is stored and accessed through an ArcSDE database. This is an issue that is resolved with the next release of ArcGIS Server 10.2.