Problem with ImportData via SOAP

Discussion created by quickz on Jul 4, 2013

I am pretty new in ArcGIS development, so please excuse me for a stupid questions and barking on a wrong tree :)

I am trying to upload table to geodatabase via SOAP ImportData.
I did following steps before it:

Administrative part:
1. Create a GeoDataService on the ArcGIS Server.
2. Prompt GeoDataService to *.gdb file.
3. Start GeoDataService on the server.

Development part:
1. Create Web Reference to GeoDataServer.
2. Write a method within following code:

            GeoDataServer.SecondService_GeoDataServer oGeoServer = new GIS.GeoDataServer.SecondService_GeoDataServer();
            oGeoServer.Url = "http://mycomp:8399/arcgis/services/argis/SecondService/GeoDataServer";

            string fname = "d:\\MYWORKSPACE.XML";
            byte[] bfile = File.ReadAllBytes(fname);
            GeoDataServer.GDSData gData = new GIS.GeoDataServer.GDSData();
            gData.Compressed = false;
            gData.EmbeddedData = bfile;
            gData.TransportType = GIS.GeoDataServer.esriGDSTransportType.esriGDSTransportTypeEmbedded;

                oGeoServer.ImportData(gData, GIS.GeoDataServer.esriGDSImportFormat.esriGDSImportFormatXmlWorkspace);
            catch (Exception ex)

MYWORKSPACE.XML was imported from another gdb as a xml workspace without data (shema).

When the application calls ImportData it gets an exception with "" (empty) string message.
After that I don't see any new tables in my geodatabase connected to GeoDataService.


1. What "" exception means?
2. Is there any way to import any xls or csv tables into geodatabase via ImportData method?
3. Please give me a sample code for uploading xls or csv tables to geodatabase via ImportData method.

Thank you for advance!