Python Parameter Prompting in IDLE

Discussion created by katronee on Jul 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2013 by modybsystematics-co-il-esridist
While running a python script in IDLE that asks for arguments, no prompt appears that asks for parameters.  Same script in PythonWin runs fine.  A simple example:

import sys
import arcpy

x = sys.argv[1]
y = sys.argv[2]

print x y

PythonWin brings up a box to enter arguments (enter two numbers) and run script and it prints the numbers.
IDLE doesn't bring up a box or any prompt . . . . spins it's wheels for a few seconds then bombs saying no value entered.  Is there a setting I am missing when running scripts in IDLE that prompt for user input?
Same results if I use GetParameterAsText instead of sys.argv . . . .