ArcGIS 10 problem with IGxDialog

Discussion created by GoogleGirl on Jul 3, 2013
Has anyone had the opportunity of updating an AO project from 9.2 to 10.0 and had issues with the IGxDialog object?  I get  a
??? vshost.exe  has stopped working??? error every time I hit the following line

            Dim pGxdialog As IGxDialog = New GxDialogClass()
            Dim mdbFilter As IGxObjectFilter = New GxFilterPGDBFeatureClasses
            pGxdialog.Title = "Pick the feature class you want to use"
            Dim pEnumGx As IEnumGxObject
            pGxdialog.ObjectFilter = mdbFilter
            pGxdialog.StartingLocation = "c:\"
            If Not pGxdialog.DoModalOpen(0, pEnumGx) Then <--ERROR HERE
            End If

This could also have something to do with Windows 7, because it caused other minor issues also.

FYI, I already disabled the  VS Hosting process in the project debugger and deleted the vshost.exe in the bin folder, which should???ve fixed it, but didn???t