Event to notify when map has moved positioned within browser... does one exist??

Discussion created by peterlen on Jul 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2013 by jacobsj
I am using the ArgGIS Javascript API v3.5.  I have a map displayed in my browser, but it does not take up the full page.  One of the things I have is to place a map marker where the user clicks on the map.  All is good there.  But, if the user does something that moves the map's position within the browser window, say by scrolling or by moving a splitter, the map marker is displayed in a different place than where the mouse click took place.  I believe this is because the screen to coordinate mapping got out of sync when the map was repositioned.  I saw that there is a map event called onReposition but that is not getting triggered during the cases I mentioned.  I need to find an event that will get triggered so that I can call something like resize() (or something else) to get the screen to coordinate mapping back into sync.

Does anyone know if a map event exists that will help me or do I need to deal with events outside of the map to track when to call a map.resize()??

Thanks - Peter