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Conversion Outputs in Model Builder

Question asked by cgraf1 on Jul 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2013 by cgraf1
I have a model that takes in a layer, intersects with a nother layer, converts to a geodatabase, adds some fields, calculates some fields, converts to dBASE, makes an XY event layer, and exports to CAD. I had it working just how I wanted it to in the Model Builder. Unfortunately, it does not work when called in ArcMap reguarly. The user is supposed to input a Project Selection Layer and where he/she wants it to be outputed. Within the model, there is a Feature to Geodatabase and a Table to dBASE. The Add Field after the Feature to Geodatabase and the Make XY Event Layer after the Table to dBASE could not take any input until the model was run up to that point, because the geodatabase and the .dbf didn't exist. So when a client is using this for the first time with a different project selection layer, it says that database and .dbf do not exist and cannot run it. How can I transfer those inputs that should be seen in the model? They do not appear in the dropdown menu for Add Field or Make XY Event layer, and they do not appear in their output locations until the model runs and creates them.