Tile service levels of detail and AGSMapView map scale

Discussion created by patrickhartling on Jul 2, 2013
I am trying to understand an aspect of map scale for an AGSMapView with an instance of AGSTiledMapServiceLayer as the base layer. Specifically, I am using the ArcGIS World Imagery service for the base layer. According to the published details of that service (and the AGSLOD objects created for the layer), the scale value for the highest level of detail (19) is 1128.497176. However, the AGSMapView allows me to zoom to a scale of 775.8418085000008659. I have not been able to discern how that maximum scale is chosen. It is 68.75%, or 33/48, of 1128.497176, and that fraction does not have any immediate significance for me.

Clarification on this point would be appreciated, but my real question is this: is there a way for me to determine in code the maximum scale for an instance of AGSMapView after the map has been loaded? I don't see anything obvious in the API reference, but I may be overlooking it if my expectation of terminology is incorrect.