raster calculator problem

Discussion created by mang.baptiste on Jul 2, 2013
i'm working on ArcGIS 10.1, and i want to compare how to build an efficient TIN (hydrologically speaking) from a 1-m raster. To do so, i build different TINs from my initial raster (with the "Raster to TIN" tool), and i turn them into new rasters (linearly) (thanks to "TIN to raster" tool). I want to visualize residuals of these rasters with the initial one, using the "Raster Calculator" tool. The problem is that i obtain residuals higher than the z tolerance i used to create my TINs from the initial raster. How is it possible ? I think it could be a problem of georeference of my layers, but when i plot them, they appear identical. Have someone an answer ?

Thank you in advance

Mangeant Baptiste
French Engineering Student