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Question asked by zebra67 on Jul 1, 2013
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Don't laugh, I know I probably come across as quite sad.

If I were you're best friend, and this was my story, what would you advise?

I was an Arc/Info "expert" from 1990-2005.  I had an 8 yr career break to raise kids and am currently working as a researcher in
population health (fixed term contract).  I'm trying to figure out if I have any chance to get back into GIS.  I understand that
my AML &
command line knowledge is all obsolete. There are few GIS jobs where I live now, and no way to get any accredited training (I
already have lots of University degrees too).  I am toying with idea of moving to
San Diego where GIS jobs are well paid, but they all want 18months + experience; I have 15 yrs experience but sadly, all
obsolete (?I think). And I can't afford to live in SD without a well-paid job. :)

I am trying to figure out if I need to shelve the idea of ever returning to GIS.  I am getting hold of a Python for Dummies book,
I did read an SQL manual & that was all pretty obvious.  Not sure if there's any other way I could brush up my skills.  Thoughts?
Thx in Advance.