Publishing network analyst tool as service.

Discussion created by nqazi on Jun 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2013 by khibma-esristaff
I have just started working Network analyst in my recent project.  I have created network analyst data set and than develop a tool that calculates distance between two given point. The tool is shown in the attached file. I run it on ArcMAP it works fine, than i published it on server , however i received following error:

High Unresolved 00082 Output parameter Route in task Model1roadsonemoretry requires a result map service
So I want to know what is this error as I want to use my tool as Geoprocessing service that takes my arguments and returns me the best route  and route length.  Is it must for this network analysis to provide with a result map service or is there any other way to do this.
when i used the option asynchronous and checked view with map service , the service is published, but I am not sure how to use it from my Flex application.
please help.