File geodatabase, freelist file locks

Discussion created by bcarroll on Jun 25, 2013
Latest reply on May 15, 2015 by mvolz47
We have a process that routinely exports datasets from Oracle SDE (copy_management) to a file geodatabase.
During this process the geoprocessing environment is set to overwrite outputs of geoprocessing operations.
When a dataset within a file geodatabase is set to be updated through the copy_management tool sometimes the script errors
and the error message reports it is because the dataset is being accessed by another application; I am positive
this isn't the case.  I think the error is because of how the "freelist" file is created in the file geodatabase.  This
error seems to occur only when the SDE dataset being copied out is part of an ArcGIS Server service.  I think
this blocks the deletion of an existing dataset while executing the copy_management tool that should overwrite
it.  I am able to overwrite a dataset successfully within a file geodatabase by using the copy_management when
the SDE dataset is not part of an ArcGIS Server service.

Other than simply deleting the freelist files (a risky thing to do, but it works because I tested it) prior to executing copy_management, how may I erase/clear the "freelist" files, or is there another solution?  Dropping the ArcGIS
Server service or rebooting the server is not an option.

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