Error 000732 and path "C:\Documents and Settings\..."

Discussion created by grahash on Jun 24, 2013
I recently tried running the 10.1 "Data Extract Task" from the Server Tools toolbox on a 64-bit Windows 7 PC.  When I try to run the extract model I get an error in the Results panel that says:

Failed to execute. Parameters are not valid.
ERROR 000732: File GDB Location: Dataset C:\Documents and Settings\<account name>\My Documents\ArcGIS\Default.gdb\zipfolder does not exist or is not supported
Failed to execute (CreateFileGDB).

The path does exist, so I suspect the problem is due to the fact that in Windows 7 you can't browse to "C:\Documents and Settings\...." with Windows Explorer.  This model would probably work just fine if the "%scratchworkspace%" came back as "C:\Users...".  

Anyway, I was able to get around the problem by modifying the associated Python script and defining a different path for "%scratchworkspace%".  I think that supports my idea that the problem is due to scratchworkspace pointing to a link (Documents and Settings) rather than an actual directory (Users) in Windows 7.

This process is basically what the 10.1 "Clip and Ship" tutorial covers, and the problem also exists when I run through the tutorial.  I'd really like it if it worked right out of the box, though, because I frequently direct users to the tutorials.  Having a tutorial that doesn't work as described isn't a good way to build confidence in new users.  Does anyone know of a way to get this to work as delivered?