any workarounds or plans to fix Select By Location and spatial join performance?

Discussion created by harrybowman on Jun 24, 2013
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Right now, I have a few hundred points and 20+ million lines. Over and over, I need to select the lines that are closest to the points. If I use Spatial Join, it takes an absurdly long time. If I try to narrow it down by using Select by Location first, it takes an absurdly long time, reading in every single line envelope that falls within the bounding box of my points. All of them. This problem has been happening for at least a year (10.0), and it cripples performance. We work around it by scripting by location with each point selected instead one at a time, but this is not acceptable.

Will there *ever* be a fix for this?

Is there a better workaround?

Both sets of features are in a local file geodatabase. I'm on 10.1 SP1 now.