Hot spot Analysis (Getis Ord-Gi) polygon to raster to point to hot spots?

Discussion created by pmahboubi on Jun 23, 2013
Help! I'm doing a PhD study. I have many polygons on the ocean. They are distributed over a large area. Many of them overlap, either partially or completely. They range vastly in size. Thus, some are so big that they completely encompass many others. Each polygon has a value (points per km2). I want to find hot spots. Running hot spot analysis on the polygons results in selection of some very large polygons as hot spots and therefore doesn't hone in on specific places as I would like. So instead, I converted the polygons to 500 m rasters with the points/km2 as the gridcode, and then the rasters to points with the gridcode included. Now I can run the hot spot analysis on the points and I get what looks like really nice results. However, I'm not sure if my technique is valid and defensible... Can anyone please comments...