3-dimensional distance from multiple points to closest polyline

Discussion created by mwstbrk on Jun 21, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2013 by mwstbrk
I am trying to calculate distance over terrain using the following components:

-point shape values (with x, y, z data)
-polylines (only x, y data)
-DEM from CanadaGeoBase

The polyline was manually created.  I will need to extract elevation data from the DEM to every pixel along the poly-line.  Without the Z data on the polyline, the distance I calculate will only be 2-dimensional and, therefore, an under-representation of actual distance from point to line as the data is in mountainous terrain.

Does anyone have any suggestions that don't involve map algebra or model building?  I was told that there should be a simple tool to use, but I have been unable to find it as of yet.

Thank you in advance!