Publish mxd (map service) with mosaic dataset --> Error

Discussion created by steffen111 on Jun 21, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2014 by thorstendey
i got the following problem. i want to publish a mxd file as a map service in arcgis server 10.1. this mxd contains a mosaic dataset and additional feature class layers. when doing the publishing process i always get the following error.

The map was successfully published, however the service did not start automatically.
Error: service started with errors
The base table definition string ... is invalid

When i log-in in server manger i see the map but when i try to open it, only the feature class layers are displayed.
the mosaic dataset was not transferred.

when i want to publish my mosaic dataset as an image server, everything goes fine and without any errors. but when i want to publish the mxd as a map service, i get the error above.

the source files for the mosaic dataset are stored in a folder, where arcgis server and local machine have full access. furthermore the image extension is installed.

has someone an idea, how to publish a mxd containing a mosaic dataset?

thanks in advance.