Attachments not Visible in ArcGIS Desktop

Discussion created by iconjmb1 on Jun 21, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2014 by tiffanee.lang427
I published a feature class with attachments to ArcGIS online and added attachments (photographs--jpgs about 800 kb each) to a number of feature points.  When I add the data to ArcGIS desktop standard (10.1) by dragging the published service into my map from Catalog, and select one of the points, the attachments are listed, but when I try to open them with Attachment Manager, nothing is visible.  I also tried opening the online map using ArcGIS desktop from ArcGIS online (selected "Open in ArcGIS 10 for desktop").  Again I can select the same point, but the attachment cannot be viewed.  The attachments can be viewed using map viewer in ArcGIS online.  Does anyone have any suggestions about what the problem areas might be?