Masters thesis help with soil variability

Discussion created by ejkelly50 on Jun 20, 2013
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I am currently a masters student working on analyzing my first year of data that I've collected from both plant and soil data collection. I work as program technician in cotton research and analyzing the effect different soil textures have on plant maturity and development. In the 3 fields we have collected plant data using Cotman (if you know what that is great) we have collected bi-annual (fall after harvest and mid to early spring) soil sample collection with a giddings probe to a depth of 36". These were then sent to a lab for a complete nutrient analysis (N,P,K, and all the various micro nutrients).

My question being a newcomer to the geostatistcal analysis is what tools should I use to show the relationship of texture to its nutrient holding capacity of the soil as well as its affect on plant maturity and structure. I've talked to my professors who have basically given me little to no help in where to start with my massive load of data. Any advice?

I forgot to mention soil texture was collected using Veris 3150 soil EC mapping unit.