Local map service extent with empty feature class

Discussion created by matthewb on Jun 20, 2013

I have a local map service that contains a layer which is sometimes empty due to some clipping that is performed prior to map package creation. This causes the full extent to be very different to the initial extent:

Initial Extent:
[INDENT]??? XMin: 1801171.7279693116
??? YMin: 5780450.31679957
??? XMax: 1808284.8082988688
??? YMax: 5786373.81679957[/INDENT]
Full Extent:
[INDENT]??? XMin: -4020763.767724001
??? YMin: 2035.0570612568408
??? XMax: 7220763.767724001
??? YMax: 19997964.942938745[/INDENT]

For NZTM (SRID 2193) the full extent is way, way, waaay out of bounds. I couldn't create features for this extent in ArcMap even if I tried, so I don't know where these numbers comes from.

I overcome this issue by adding a handler that zooms to the extents of a layer that is used to define the area of interest, but I would like to know why this difference in extents occurs. Is there a bug in the ArcGIS Desktop Package Tool or the Runtime? Or have I missed an option during the MPK creation or map service setup?