What is "ArcGIS for Developers"? Seriously.

Discussion created by vandervoort on Jun 20, 2013
Am I missing something? I've been going around in circles on trying to find developer resources I don't already have via the EDN subscription and our enterprise licenses.

I'm having to make some forward-thinking recommendations to our organization and this requires looking over the horizon in the direction Esri is nudging us.

Are there runtimes, sdks, apis, documentation, templates, samples, etc. hidden in the subscription? Is there some business model that's not as readily apparent as, say, Amazon Web Services?

Is Esri's plan to turn it's currently free (but attributed) basemap (an other) web services into a pay-per-view model?

We just want to use the apis and sdks, and maybe someday, hopefully, the lofty and laudable  runtime core when, and if, it gets released.