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Export the map to an image, client-side, for printing?

Question asked by iwatkins on Jun 20, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2017 by JeffMay_IDFGgis
I'm guessing the answer is still no and I'm guessing it is still not planned.

I have a requirement to output an image of the final map for the user to save. The map has a tile base with overlays of contour lines generated by our application.

As the application will be run deployed (server and client on a laptop) we don't want to have to build/maintain an ArcGIS 10.1 box just for the purpose of allowing the print service (our tiles are static on our web server). Simple cannot justify it on cost alone.

A simple way to simply output a JPEG/PNG of what the map is showing would be great. A "native" to ESRI JS API "screenshot" is all.

Any plans? Any real reason why not?

It's a little frustrating. "Get away from native desktop apps., go Web 2.0" they said. So we started using Flex/Flash which can do these sort of things clientside. "Get away from Flash/Flex, move to HTML5, it's the future" they said. Now look, we are trying to do desktop type work on a web type app. Can you explain this to your managers, nope. :mad: