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Discussion created by rohitgenesys on Jun 20, 2013
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I am using Editing widget where I am facing below issues can somebody correct me if its not limitations of Editing widget:-

a. Edit attributes should not allow multiple selection and paging.

b. Can we get count of selected or edited features.

d. When we select feature and do the clear selection. If we just click edit attribute command it directly goes to the last selected window, rather than telling that there is no selection exist.

e. Non relevant command should get disabled e.g. when point features are selected cut, reshape shouldn???t get remain activated.

f. There should be a save option or a prompt for successful addition, deletion etc.

g. Undo/redo misbehaving for certain operation e.g reshaping is not getting undo/redo.

h. Moving operation is misbehaving. It only allow to move after it displays the attribute window and then user has to close the attribute window and then only user can move the feature.

Please suggest me.

Rohit Garg