didClickAtPoint and AGSMPMessage's

Discussion created by phaugsoen on Jun 20, 2013
I am a new user of the ArcGIS SDK, have tried it out for a couple of days.

In one of my small "experiments" I used the AGSMPMessageProcessor to process MILSTD2525C
information to generate symbols in the map, which works as expected.

But when I implement the

- (void)mapView:(AGSMapView *)mapView
       mapPoint:(AGSPoint *)mappoint
       graphics:(NSDictionary *)graphics

to catch when the user taps a military symbol on the screen I got problem.
The method gets called but graphics is always empty/null!

My implementation is pretty much cut/paste from the Guide and tutorials.

If a create a separate GraphicsLayers where I add some graphics everything works
well (when those graphics are touched)

Is there anything special with graphics created from the MessageProcessor that I have missed?