Using Hydrology Tools on Road Surfaces as Drainage Features

Discussion created by beukerm on Jun 22, 2010
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I need to calculate a sustainability index for the roading network in National Parks in South Eastern Australia.
So I want to Determing Sinks, Flow Accumulation and Slope Length on Roads
Key outputs I require are

1 Length road slopes (from crest to dip, gully, saddle where water falling own the road accumulates before the road rises again).

2 Sink point on a road (where water collects in saddles, dips or gullies before flowing off the road). NB SINK function in ARCGIS9.3 Hydrology tools appears to negate tis opportunity by enlarging the neighbourhood until a descent is found. I do not know the limit of this enlargement or how to disengage it).

3 Gradient of road slopes (fall over length of a segment of continually falling road)

I was hoping you might be able to help me

Thank you