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Merging rasters and keep raster table fields

Question asked by dmcconna on Jun 19, 2013
Latest reply on May 2, 2015 by curtvprice
Having the ability to use attributes in Raster Calculator would be really nice,  why was it taken away?  I don't care if it is the old "dot" syntax or some other syntax. Please bring it back, soon.   I need to merge/mosic 11 GRIDs which presumably do not overlap, but might a little around the edges as as artifact of how they were created.   Mosaic does not let me use an item either.  Two text items have to be used for the desisred attributes in the GRIDs.  So  I've concatenated the two fields into a new field, then added added a new field for an integer crosswalk of the concatenated fields. I plan to mosaic the GRIDs after adding & calculating the two new fields in all of them, thne using the "lookup" function to create new grids with value = newfield, hten mosaic.  What a lot of work.   Is there an easier way ? ( speaking of merge, the merge function was really nice too, why was it disappeared?)