Issue with proxy.jsp not reading InputStream

Discussion created by ryanm13 on Jun 18, 2013

I'm trying to calculate driving directions using the NetworkAnalysis Route REST interface (premiumtasks.arcgisonline.com/server/rest/services/NetworkAnalysis/ESRI_Route_NA/NAServer/Route) and I'm running into issues when the requests are routed through my proxy.jsp.  All of my smaller requests (< 2000 characters) work fine when not using the proxy (no token issues) and I get the route/directions back successfully. 

The proxy.jsp is not reading the InputStream and writing it to the OutputStream.  When I debug in Eclipse, the code never enters the while loop to write the data to the output stream:

while ((bytesRead = istream.read(bytes, 0, length)) > 0) {
    os.write(bytes, 0, bytesRead);

I can see in the debugger that the InputStream is of type CoyoteInputStream, and that the length is greater than 0.

If I look at the request in Firebug, it looks like all of the data is in the POST request, however, I receive an HTML response and in there it says "At least 2 Stops are required."  If I copy/paste the Stops directly from Firebug and paste into the HTML interface, I get a result back from the service.

I'm currently using ArcGIS Javascript API 3.3, JBoss 5.1 and JDK 1.6 if that helps to recreate the issue.

Any help is appreciated!
Thanks in advance,