Trouble with feature layer in gp service

Discussion created by dugtoni on Jun 17, 2013
Hey, I have a web app that allows a user to select either a feature class from a map service, or draw a rectangle, which is then used a the clipping geometry of a dataset in my gp service.  When I draw the rectangle and pass this as the clipping parameter, the tool runs fine.  When I select a feature layer from the map service, the gp service seem gets to the "onTaskComplete" function, but then it seems to fail, and never gets to the "onTaskResultComplete" function.  I cannot figure out what the issue is.  In the console box on chrome I am getting the error "code: 400, message: "Unable to complete operation.", details: Array[0], log: undefined, _ssl: undefined".  When I run the gp service from ArcCatalog, and just drag the feature class I want to use as the clipping geometry parameter from the gdb it is stored in on the server, the tool succeeds without issues.  For this reason, I am thinking there must be something wrong with my javascript.  I would appreciate if anyone has any suggestions?  Thanks!