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Selecting a Feature after zooming to it

Question asked by josephacox on Jun 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2013 by josephacox
I am having an issue with selecting a feature after zooming to it. If the feature is within the spatial extent before zooming to it then I am able to successfully select it. If the feature I am zooming to is not within the spatial extent and I zoom to it then selecting the feature fails.

I noticed that the feature Layer only contains features in the spatial extent so when I loop through it to find the feature to select, it is only there if it is currently in the spatial extent. I tried to refresh the feature Layer after zooming to it but it doesn't appear to update to the new extent that I zoomed too. Is there a step that I am missing to force the feature layer to update its list of features after the zoom or is there a way to query all the features in a featureLayer.

Thanks for any help