Georeferencing a unknown local survey coordinate system.

Discussion created by bretvangis on Jun 17, 2013
Fellow Users,
I???m working with elevation points from a survey done on a project site in southern Arizona. From talking to a few surveyors, they believe the coordinates used are from a local coordinate system that the surveyors came up with at the project site. Unfortunately I have no contact info for the original surveyors or any data on the control points used for this local surveying coordinate system. The elevation values are in feet and I believe that relates to the extent values I???m seeing. I believe manual georeferencing is my last option but I've never georeferenced data like this.

My OBJECTIVE: Georeference the point feature class to a WGS 84 basemap. (There are distinguishable features that I can match. ex. ridges and road outlines.)

What I've Tried:
Rubbersheeting (did not work, possibly because I was trying to rubber sheet the point feature class from the Atlantic ocean to the basemap area in southern Arizona)

Thanks for any suggestions or tips.