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Is there a token for everything EXCEPT SHAPE@

Question asked by CCStormwater on Jun 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2013 by carrierkh
This has to be a common task: using cursors, copy all the non-shape related data from one feature to another feature in a different FC (possibly with a different geometry type). 

For example, I can use CreateFeatureclass_management to create a point FC from a line FC with all of the same attribute fields except the shape.  I'd like to use cursors to copy the data, but I can't do a straight copy if the geometry is different between FCs. I'd like to use the .firstpoint and .lastpoint methods to copy the shape, but then do a straight copy of all the other fields.  Do I have to go through all the effort of using Describe to find the shape field name, and then loop over all the fields except shape, or is there a token for: AllFieldsExceptShape@ ?  Perhaps a better more general question is: is the list of tokens in the arcpy.da web pages complete, or are there other tokens out there?

(the point of this is to create my own version of "Feature Vertices To Points", so using that tool can't be a part of the answer to this question).