Interpolating snowfall point data using a precipitation raster as a guide

Discussion created by dot-cody.d.oppermann on Jun 13, 2013
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I thought I'd post this in the Geostatistical Analyst section as I'm lead to believe this may be a cokriging issue.
I have a raster of precipitation data I've downloaded from Oregon State's PRISM ( which makes a pretty map of average annual precipitation across the country. I now have point data of average annual snowfall for some stations across Utah. I would do a simple interpolation using this data, but there are some mountain ranges where stations do not exist and a simple interpolation would gloss over the higher snowfall that would fall in those mountains.
I'm assuming this sort of thing is usually done with precipitation and elevation, with the assumption that the higher the elevation, the greater the precipitation. Is there a way I can use the snowfall point data and use the trends in the PRISM data to interpolate the snowfall data? Any help would be greatly appreciated.