Is there way to disable MXD containing image services for publishing as GIS service?

Discussion created by hlzhang1022 on Jun 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2013 by tereshenkov
Dear Team and all others,

Is there any way to configure image services at ArcGIS image server 10.1 (saying, ???A???), in order for us to disable any customers/programmers directly publishing MXD at other ArcGIS Servers, if this MXD contains some of image services from ???A????

The idea is that this image server ???A??? will allow all desktop users and web applications to consume / directly load image services from ???A???, but wouldn???t let them directly publish MXD as map service, when containing image services from 'A'.

In fact, it looks that same rule is alreay applied to globe services, which disables any 3DD re-publishing intention, if containing global services from 'A' or ESRI?

Thanks in advance.