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IdentityManager gets bad tokens

Question asked by brassier on Jun 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2013 by brassier
We're using IdentityManager to access secure ArcGIS Online services.  About 50% of the time this works as expected:
a) We access the service
b) A "499 Token Required" response is obtained
c) IdentityManager triggers a token request
d) The token is appended on the original request
e) Service access is granted

However, the other 50% of the time we get a series of "403 You do not have permissions to use this resource" errors.  These happen in response to step d) above.  Then a new token is requested, and we continue looping through this process until we successfully get to the service.

Occasinally it takes 2-4 token requests before we finally get access to the service.  The troublesome part is, sometimes we seem to get in a loop that never ends.  We've seen 20-30 failed requests before we kill our app.  This has happened a few times today alone.

Anyone seen this?  Any insight into why it's happening?