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SOE registry messup: have to use a different name to deploy

Question asked by on Jun 10, 2013
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I developed a SOE and deployed in our ArcGIS Server. recently I made some changes in this SOE and deployed several times whenever a new change was made.

for somehow, one time the map service (which enabled SOE capability) couldn't been started, and that service_starting message was showing there forever, so I manually turned it off. this, later on I think, may break this service and that SOE registry.

after that, the service still couldn't been started as long as that SOE is enabled.

I tried all kind of methods I can think of to get this issue fixed. finally I found out I have to change the name of SOE project then re-build a new SOE assembly, this'll do it.

Is there a way to clean up previous deployed/uploaded SOEs? as this issue happened several times already, and I am kind of having difficulty giving it a new reasonable name...

thanks for any advise!