Adding unique images

Discussion created by billybgood on Jun 10, 2013
I'm a high school teacher doing the following project with my students:

We are documenting biodiversity on campus, using GPS units to record LAT, LONG coordinates and taking photographs of species.  We want to make--and publish through Story Maps--a biodiversity map of our campus.  So far, we have been adding data to an Excel spreadsheet.  In order to add images, I know that we must put the images online somewhere.  I have made some practice maps and am using images on Flickr.  I find that when I put the image URL directly into the spreadsheet (which I save as a comma delimited CSV), the images will appear in the popups.  But I have not been able to use the "Configure Pop-up" dialogue to add images.  Even when I paste the same URL into the URL box of the "configure image" box as I put in my spreadsheet, all I get on the popup is a placeholder.

If all my images are coming from flckr, is there a way to shorten the URL so that it fits more easily into a spreadsheet cell?

Finally, what is the best way to make or publish a story map of our work?


billy goodman
passaic valley high school
little falls, nj