Scheamtic Script attribute error

Discussion created by RajeshMane on Jun 22, 2010
I have created one script attribute below which is assigned to edge element. in that 'sub' is dynamic attribute which is assigned to SubtypeCD which contains  1 and 2 domain values. I have created a new 'Query' script attribute whcih is checking if sub returns 1 then show label voltage (is 1 more dynamic attribute which returns some string ) and 'BUS' Text. If 'sub' returns 2 then then it should not show as a label. i have also tried using case statement in my vb script but it shows syntax error. when I am assigning Query in attribute in my label property. Please guide how to show correct values as a label using Script attribute.

if sub = 1 then
Query = Voltage & " BUS"
Query = ""
end if

Select case sub
case 1
Query = Voltage & " BUS"
case 2
Query =  Voltage
end select