Modules for Dummy

Discussion created by rangermry on Jun 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2013 by mdenil
I have been diving through Python this year and have gotten stuck at modules.  I have four scripts that perform some awesome fixes for MXDs when there is a database change.  However, I have to put the same functions and variables at the top of each one of the scripts.  I was thinking of turning this into a module or package?  I cannot seem to figure these module/packages out.  My question is for Python 2.6.5/ArcGIS 10...  What would need to be in __init__.py?  How would I set up the global variables/functions for all the scripts to use?  How do I register all the scripts to be able to recognize what went on in the others?  I have tried the helps out there but am further lost.  Maybe someone can help me and then I can fix and post my product?