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Question asked by jamesfreddyc on Jun 7, 2013
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Curt or anyone else that has experience with the USGS waterservices webservice,

We have developed some Geoprocessing tools that are integrating the Instantaneous Values Web Service ( and using the return xml to create hydrographs, dynamic maps (.mxd's) that add these hydrographs as attachments to a FGDB, and some limited efforts to publish these to our internal ArcGIS Online portal. These are mostly tools for status reporting and supplemental materials in larger reports.  All is working great but we'd like to expand them a bit...

Without getting too far into the details of the geoprocessing tools and the outputs, we are also interested in accessing some of the other more detailed statistics that are available from the groundwaterwatch page(s) that generate the percentile ranking statistics over the period of record for individual wells for each month.

What is not clear is that the DV Webservice ( inidcates that a statistic "statCd" parameter can be included in the url string.  And looking at the list of Statistics Codes (, it appears that these percentile values are available.  However, when ever I include this parameter into the url string, nothing is returned. For example,,1.1&sites=262218080070101&period=P120D&parameterCd=62601&statCd=01900

Any tips?  Is the chart in the site statistic section from this page available from one of the webservices?  Can it generate an XML construct?