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Magnifier on non-retina iPad too big

Question asked by jamesrichards on Jun 6, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2013 by njarecha-esristaff
The ArcGIS.bundle file contains these Magnifier related graphics files:

Magnifier.png: 141x141 px
Magnifier@2x.png: 282x282 px
Magnifier~ipad.png: 282x282 px
MagnifierMask.png: 141x141 px
MagnifierMask@2x.png: 282x282 px
MagnifierMask~ipad.png: 282x282 px

Note that there are no @2x versions of the ~ipad graphics and the ipad files are twice as big as the non-retina iPhone versions.

The net result is that on non-retina iPads the magnifier is twice as big as it should be, but on retina iPads it is the correct size.

The is a big problem if your map view does not take up the whole iPad screen because the map autoscrolls when the magnifier gets near the edge so the UI becomes very awkward. Also, it is pixelated and doesn't look so good.

I tried replacing the Magnifier~ipad.png and MagnifierMask~ipad.png files with smaller copies in my xcode project (like you can do to override the GpsDisplay graphics) - but this did not work.

Please, how can I get the magnifier to work correctly on non-retina iPads?

Thanks in advance.