projectGeometries WKID:4326 to WKID:3414

Discussion created by kohroyston on Jun 21, 2010
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Hi guys,

I'm new to ArcGIS as well as iPhone development.
Right now I'm working on a school project and I need to perform this task of converting coords from WKID:4326 WGS84 to WKID:3414 SVY21.

The map service I use is base on WKID:3414 and I'm trying to get Core Location to work thus I need to convert to SVY21 (WKID:3414).

Can someone assist me in creating the function to convert the coords as I do not understand the API documentation with my level of programming knowledge.

geometryServiceTaskWithURL: http://www.onemap.sg/ArcGIS/rest/services/Geometry/GeometryServer

From WKID:4326 to WKID:3414

Would greatly appreciate help.