Samba share linux problem

Discussion created by sbruscoli on Jun 6, 2013
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My config:
- Arcgis Server 10.1 SP1 on SUSE SERVER 11 SP2
- in same server also PostgreSQL 9.05

AGS work fine and I can publish service: mxd in samba share and feature in geoDB on Postgres
I've made registration of folder on server like this:
Publisher folder path = \\myserver\mysharesamba
server folder path= /pathonlinux/mysharesamba
and it is validate from server

The problem:
if I use a .mxd with file geoDB on samba share and I try to publish it I've this error:

"Updating the server data path for layer <layer> failed. Attempted server path was DATABASE= <here is my registrated path>. Please verify that the path exists on the server"

And after:

Failed to create service error: code 404
error executing tools 001487 and 001369

Please can help me?