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Replacing parts of polygons

Question asked by HimBromBeere on Jun 6, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2013 by HimBromBeere

my problem is the following: I have a master-featureClass (polygons) and a slave-featureClass. Inside the slave-class there are features that are more or less equal to the ones inside the master-class and I want to replace these geometries.
My plan was to loop all points within the master-geometry and check if there´s an intersection of the current feature with the buffer around this point (let´s say 5m). If there is an intersection lets consider the appropriate point on the slave as a fromPoint. Then we continue with the next point inside the master-geometry, until there are intersections with the buffer. If no intersections are found we finish the segment.
My actual question now is: how do I replace a part from a polygon between two given points by the appropriate part on the master-geometry?

Any help is aprreciated.