Edit the REST view

Discussion created by 4Bart on Jun 5, 2013

Because of security of our organization, I need to limit what can anonymous user see on the rest view of any layer of any service of our GIS server (rest/services/service/layer)... For example, I don´t want to show definition expressions or fields etc.

I´ve found that I can modify the file "<ArcGIS Server install>\ArcGIS\Server\framework\runtime\tomcat\webapps\arcgis#rest\www\client\includes\layerinclude.jsp" - that has the effect what I want.

But - does it (this file) control just the rest view, or does it have any effect on functionality of map services (when accessing them through rest api)? When I modify this file (for example when I delete the fields overview), will the services be accessible without any problems?

Thank your for your help!