Bikeability Raster Analysis

Discussion created by tonysalo on Jun 5, 2013
Hello there,

I have a client who wants me to perform a street stress analysis using a weighted cross-tab calculation using speed limit, traffic volume and other roadway characteristics and show a multi-colored street network map identifying links based on traffic stress.  This was easy and I'm done.

What they want next is to show this data as a "raster blob" as a way to assess access quality (in other words how stressful it is per neighborhood) to one particular destination.  I've been showing them draft maps of what this could look like after having converted the street links to intersection nodes, running spatial join on these with the streets, averaging the street stress scores and then running a number of interpolation tools like Topo to Raster, Natural Neighbor.  They weren't happy. 

I thought the Cost Distance tools might get me there but these seem to be more distance-oriented - as the name suggests :) - and don't really take into account the street stress scores. 

I am struggling to find the answer big time.  I can't think of a better way to show this data than using the interpolation tools.  I don't have a "neighborhood" layer with which I could intersect the stress scores either. 

They basically want to take the line work I've analyzed under the street stress task and turn it into "raster blobs." 

My client wants to use this analysis as a national tool eventually so any help from ESRI subscribers here would be great!!!