SOE Property Page not found during deployment

Discussion created by on Jun 5, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2014 by JulienLesbegueriesDev
I developed and deployed a SOE. it works fine. There are several parameters I want to make it configurable by the Admin, so assume a property page is necessary.

based on this sample, I customized it into my own then re-built SOE solution. (.NET 3.5)

however, when I was trying to deploy this newer version, the AGS manager always says 'Property pages not found'. for now, the page(html) and template(JS) file are located under project_root_path\resources\SOE_Namespace_Name\SOE_Assembly_Name folder, which is the structure in that sample.

I am only trying to enable property page in AGS manager site, not in Desktop.

could anyone point me to the correct direction? thanks!!