excluding print formats & layout templates from print gp service

Discussion created by jlpoehlm on Jun 5, 2013
Latest reply on May 11, 2016 by epuriarun
I'm having two issues with a print gp service:

a) I've tried removing print formats EPS and SVGZ from the print gp service by unchecking these values in the format settings of the service editor; and
b) I've tried removing 2 layout templates and MAP_ONLY by unchecking these values in the layout template settings of the service editor.

Each time I finish analyzing and publishing a .sd or saving a service definition file and publish using tools the REST endpoint/application includes the entire set  of print formats [ PDF, PNG32, PNG8, JPG, GIF, EPS, SVG, SVGZ ] and also includes every MXD in the template folder, as well as MAP_ONLY.

I can eventually remove the unneeded MXD files from the template folder, which should remove them permanently from the template list, so that's not really a long term issue.

Anyone experience the same thing?

Anyone know how I can get the service to show only the print formats I want?